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The Source

Memento Mori is a celebrated, limited-production wine brand from Napa Valley that has been turning heads in the wine community amongst enthusiasts and critics alike. The project was founded in 2010 by three childhood friends, Hayes Drumwright, Adriel Lares and Adam Craun, who have committed themselves to crafting sophisticated wines of tremendous balance, honesty and profundity. The name, Memento Mori, taken from an old Latin philosophy that reminds us of our mortality and the inevitability of death, was instead interpreted, early on, by our founders as Remember to Live - a reminder that we have to make the most out of life and since nothing is guaranteed, we should all live every day to the fullest.

After spending a significant amount of time researching the best grape sources for Memento Mori, while even considering purchasing our own vineyard, we instead learned from and listened to the varied experiences of some of the best vineyard managers, farmers, and winemakers, and our path to creating a wine of unique and extraordinary caliber became very clear: we would select and source Cabernet Sauvignon from some of Napa Valley's most iconic single-vineyards.

Memento Mori, today, incorporates fruit from Beckstoffer Dr. Crane, Beckstoffer Las Piedras, Weitz Vineyard, Oakville Ranch and Vine Hill Ranch – all vetted over time, technique and by other elite producers. Each of these legendary vineyards are world renowned and have consistently been the source behind many exceptional wines over the past few decades. Our final 'Flagship' blend is composed of each site’s unique characteristics - elegance, power, aromatics, texture, finish, and longevity to create beautifully balanced wines that are approachable in their youth, but have enough structure to cellar for long term aging. Sam Kaplan, who has been at the winemaking helm of Memento Mori since our first vintage in 2010, has been instrumental in facilitating access to these venerated vineyards, and his winemaking brilliance is shown in their balanced, terroir-driven wines that tell the story of Napa Valley’s rich history.